Reasons to Give Sandbag Training a Try


Sandbag training is a type of fitness training that incorporates sand bags into different exercises instead of standard weights or a punching bag. Because sandbags are heavy, they work great as a muscle toner and stamina builder. When done right, sandbag training will help you achieve a powerful physique! Thinking about training using a sand bag? In today’s post, we are listing down reasons why you should consider giving sandbag training a try:

It’s Affordable

Let’s face it, gym equipment and tools are very expensive. A couple of large dumbbells will set you back hundreds of dollars. Gym machines cost thousands of dollars. If you are building a home gym, then you are likely to spend a lot of money investing on basic equipment alone.

On the other hand, sandbag training is ridiculously cheap. All you need is a sandbag and sand to fill the bags in. You can make as many sandbags as you like. You can get sand from a nearby construction site or ask your local hardware store about it. A sandbag filled with sand has enough heft to build muscles, boost stamina, and tone the physique.

Develop “Real Life” Strength

Real life strength simply means the muscular power you develop from strength training. Usually, you will work out with weights and gym machines to boost real life strength. But if you do not have a gym membership, you can simply use sandbags to improve your real life strength! Sandbags work better than average weights because these bags are heavier. The most basic of all exercises will tone and strengthen every muscle fiber!

Sculpts the Whole Body

The training will literally develop muscles you did not know you had! How? Training with sandbags forces the body to use its stabilizing muscles to lift the weight. Because the bags are unstable, the body is automatically shifting its stance to avoid dropping the sandbag. Combining sandbag training with a balanced diet and lots of rest will change your body forever.

Improved Grip

It does not look like it but a good grip is actually a critical part of fitness training. You need bone-crushing grip to lift heavy weights and work different gym equipment.

Lifting a sandbag takes a certain level of strength and grip. Training with a sandbag helps develop bone-crushing grip. Because the sandbag’s shape changes constantly when you grip it, the body is forced to adjust quickly so the bag will not be dropped. The motion improves your grip gradually. And the more you train using a sandbag, the better your grip will be.


They don’t look like it, but sandbags are very versatile. Apart from using it as a punching bag, sandbags can be lifted off the floor and be incorporated to all types of presses, squats, and deadlifts. Because they are affordable and accessible, you can make as many sandbags as you want according to what your training requires. Imagine having the body of your dreams without spending your life savings away on a new home gym! You can do that by sticking to sandbag training.

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