The Importance of Fitness to Corporate Workforce


A fit, healthy body is important especially for those who lead an active lifestyle. But for employees who spend most of their day chained to their desk, finding the time to exercise is challenging. This is why most companies offer free gym memberships or have an in-house gym to motivate workers to stay fit. But what are the benefits of working up a sweat in the gym in a corporate setting? Let’s find out:

Reduces Health Care Cost

Your company will benefit from having fit employees because exercise reduces the risk of chronic diseases. Stress, fatigue, and anxiety from work leads to high and low blood pressure. And sustained high or low blood pressure could lead to chronic diseases. When the workforce is healthy, the company will spend less on health care cost. This leads to lower health insurance premiums.

Fewer Absentee Days

Unlike fit employees, sickly workers are more likely to miss work or be admitted to a hospital because of poor health. Regular exercise makes the difference between healthy and sickly individual. When you are healthy, the immune system is working at its peak. This makes your body better at resisting sickness of all kinds, including chronic diseases. When the workers are fit, health care cost is reduced. There will be less time spent recuperating at home or at the hospital and more time being productive.

Corporate Wellness = Company Success

When the workforce is healthy and fit, the entire company is driven to succeed. How? When the employees are healthy, they are more productive because they perform better. Healthy employees are able to complete their tasks faster because they feel great. Corporate wellness requires the support, commitment and leadership of the company to become successful. A fitness and wellness program helps create a vibrant working environment, motivating employees to work better for a successful company.

Developing a Creative Environment

An employee’s longevity isn’t strictly dependent on high wages or better health insurance. A vibrant, creative working environment is also critical to worker retention. Human beings need lots of stimulation and challenges. Our psyche is drawn to changes. If a worker becomes bored, he or she will start looking for challenges elsewhere. Promoting fitness and wellness is one way to develop a dynamic, unique environment! Offering challenging fitness programs will not just encourage employees to stay fit, they are also more likely to stay with the company for long term.

Alleviates Stress

Being fit is important especially if you have a high-stress day job. Exercising helps reduce stress, fatigue and anxiety. Working out after a stressful day at work is an excellent way release frustration and tension. On top of that, you can achieve your weight loss goals as you let off some steam.

Cut the Risk of Chronic Diseases

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, chronic diseases account for 75% of total health care cost. Most chronic diseases are completely preventable. Exercising every day helps reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases. As long as you fully commit to a healthy lifestyle at work and at play, you are less likely to develop chronic diseases including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

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