The 4 Different Types of Exercise Bands


An exercise band is a type of rubber band that can be manipulated in different ways to perform exercises. The bands provide ample resistance to engage different muscle groups. Exercise bands come in an array of resistance levels, lengths, colors, and shapes.

Some types of exercise bands are simply shaped as loops so you can wrap it around the body or limbs. This exercise band is typically used to provide resistance while on a stationary position. Some fitness bands are longer in length with handles on either end. All types of exercise bands correspond to certain colors. And if you are ever confused about what types of exercise bands to get, then read our list to know more:

1. Fit Tube Resistance Bands

This type of resistance band is the heaviest of all resistance bands in terms of construction. The band is made from durable latex rubber and it has plastic handles on either end. The handles are meant to provide a secure grip as you exercise. Usually, fit tube resistance bands provide various modes of resistance. Also, this type of exercise band could come with different attachments so you can exercise by attaching the band to a door. The added attachments are meant to increase resistance to build muscles. Fit tube resistance bands are perfect for those who want to tone their upper and lower body.

2. Clip Tube Resistance Bands

This type of resistance band features more attachments than your average fit tube resistance band. The band is also made of latex rubber to generate resistance as you work out. The clip tube resistance band also comes with plastic handles at opposite ends as well as ankle cuffs. Clip tube resistance band also comes with door attachments so you can attach it to a door and work out. These extra attachments make clip tube resistance bands very versatile. They allow you to expand the places where you can use the band. Clip tube resistance band is very portable too. You can take it virtually anywhere, even when you are on a vacation, so you can catch up on your workout. Finally, you can use the band on its own or combine it with other types of resistance bands for maximum workout.

3. Flat and Thin Resistance Bands

Flat and thin resistance bands are quite simple bands that you can manipulate to boost resistance. The bands do not come with extra attachments and are about four feet in length. These types of exercise bands are ideal for toning the lower body or strengthen the ankles. As with all types of resistance bands, flat and thin resistance bands come in certain colors that indicate their level of resistance.

4. Therapy Band

As the name implies, this type of resistance band is used in physical therapy. The band is typically four feet long and about 5 and ½ inches wide. A therapy band is used to tone the upper and the lower body.

These bands are used in conjunction with free weights, weight machines, and hydraulic tension to sculpt and tone the whole body. Because resistance bands are very versatile, individuals of all fitness levels and age can use them.

To determine what types of resistance bands to get, you need to consider what types of workout you will perform.

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