Why Do We Love Chocolates?


Chocolates are sweet treats made from the cacao fruit. This sweet treat is beloved all over the world and no special occasion is complete without it. So what makes chocolates so irresistible? Why In today’s post, we are listing down reasons why we simply cannot get enough of chocolates:

It just Tastes so Good

When it comes to food, we are always drawn to the foods that taste good. Chocolate happens to taste delicious and this is the simplest explanation why we are all crazy over chocolates! Eating chocolates makes most people happy. Every bite provides a respite from our busy, stressed-out lives. Simply put, chocs taste good and eating it makes us feel good. This is the reason why this sweet treat is considered as a guilty pleasure. And the forbidden fruit will always be the most satisfying.

Chemical Reaction

Just the scent of rich, decadent chocolate is enough to make a chocolate lover’s heart race. But why? The real explanation as to why chocs are so irresistible is chemical in nature. Chocolates contain about 300 chemicals and some of these chemicals affect the brain. When the brain is exposed to these compounds, it releases a specific set of neurotransmitters that are linked to feelings of euphoria. That’s why even the scent of chocolate is so addicting.

Eating chocolate is scientifically proven to release phenylethylamine. This neurotransmitter boosts alertness and excitement. Phenylethylamine quickens the pulse and increases the feeling of elation. Chocolates also contain tryptophan, a compound that triggers the release of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin uplifts the mood and arouses feelings similar to being in love!

Chocolates also contain anandamide. This compound triggers the release of dopamine in the brain. Just like serotonin, dopamine helps uplift the mood. It gives off the sensation of being high. Finally, eating chocolates also trigger the release of endorphins or happy hormones. This chemical helps minimize stress and reduce pain. All these chemicals combined makes chocolate eating a pleasurable experience.

Boosts Alertness

Does your heart skip a beat whenever you pop a piece of chocolate in your mouth? That’s not just a typical reaction to a yummy dessert. Chocolate literally makes your heart race! You see, this dessert contains caffeine and sugars. Combined with phenylethylamine, caffeine and sugar boost alertness. When you eat chocolates, your pulse quickens, and your breathing becomes shallower. Your senses are heightened and you feel more attentive. Of course, the effects of chocolates are very mild so the symptoms are not uncomfortable. In fact, the after-effects of chocolates are quite pleasant because it’s similar to feelings of being in love.

Association with Love

And speaking of being in love, chocolate remains as the top choice of romantic gift to get for the significant other. Being associated to being in love and feeling high, people are addicted to chocolates. Women are more likely to crave for chocolates than men. This is not just rooted on the tradition of gifting chocolates to women. Chocolates are associated with romance, pleasure, and love.

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