The Benefits of an Alkaline Diet


As the name implies, an alkaline diet is a dietary program comprised of food that alkalinize the body. According to practitioners, rebalancing the body’s pH is beneficial to the health. The philosophy of the alkaline diet is based on the idea of reducing acidity in the body. Pathogens and cancer cells thrive in an extremely acidic environment.

By eating alkalizing foods, the effects of pathogens and cancer cells are neutralized. The body is always maintaining balanced pH of 7.365, which is slightly alkaline. Any changes in your diet could cause a shift between alkalinity and acidity. The shift towards acidity could affect the body as a whole. Eating alkalinizing foods is the best way to maintain pH equilibrium. In today’s post, we are listing down the health benefits of an alkaline diet:

Protection from Infections

An alkaline diet is typically comprised of whole foods eaten fresh. These foods are loaded with a host of essential nutrients that boost immunity. A body with an acidic pH is vulnerable to diseases. The imbalance within the body weakens the immune system, paving the way to various health problems.

When the immune system is working at its peak, the body is resistant to common infections. Alkalinizing foods help boost immunity. These foods are also packed with beneficial compounds that inhibit gastrointestinal disorders. Sticking to an alkaline diet helps boost energy levels, prevent fatigue, and maintain clearer skin.

Boosts Energy Level

If you have been feeling fatigued by mid-morning, it is a sign that the body’s pH is not balanced. Sticking to an alkaline diet is the best way to bring balance back to the body’s pH and reduce stress. Alkalinizing foods effectively protect the body from oxidative stress and DNA damage. Dangerous microbes and contaminants are also neutralized thanks to alkalinizing foods. The result? Healthy skin, hair, and improved stamina. When you are eating healthy foods, the body is more energized.

Protects from Cancer

Studies show that an acidic body could be one of the triggers of cancerous cells. An acidic pH causes a shift in the oxygen level in the body. It also causes slower metabolic rate.  When the body is acidic, healthy cells are vulnerable to free radical damage. Free radicals are ions that destroy healthy cells. These dangerous ions also trigger cell mutation, which sometimes trigger malignant cells. When malignant cells start forming tumors, they do more damage than robbing the body of nutrients from the food you eat.

Sticking to an alkaline diet ensures a balanced pH. This program is designed to maintain a healthy pH to reduce cellular damage.

Efficient Weight Management

Apart from protecting the body from cancer, an alkaline diet also makes weight management a breeze. You see, the program is designed to eliminate processed foods from your diet. When you are eating less junk, maintaining a healthy, slimmer physique is easy. On the other hand, eating acidic foods is a contributing factor to a weight problem. An alkaline diet is low in sodium, saturated fat, and preservatives that are toxic to the health.

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