Building a Strong, Lean Physique Through Sprint Interval Training


Sprint interval training is a type of high-intensity interval training or HIIT. This training involves a series of low and high-intensity exercises followed by periods of rest. As the name implies, sprint requires sprinting at a certain distance then walking back to the starting point. The sprinting is the intense exercise while the walk back serves as the resting period.

Why Give Sprint Interval Training a Try

Just like any form of HIIT, sprint interval training is not for beginners. Although newbies are welcome to give sprint interval training a try, this training is best for those with advanced skill level. Below are reasons why you should consider adding sprint interval training to your fitness routine:

Rock Hard Abs

If you want to develop sculpted, enviable abs that would put Ryan Reynolds to shame, then we recommend giving sprint interval training a try!

Sprint interval training literally forces the body to burn off more stored fat. And when it does, the thick fat that covers your abdominal muscles are thinned out. That translates to a sculpted midsection! This training will blast those pesky love handles and beer gut in no time at all.

Toned Legs

Sprint interval training tones and strengthens the entire lower body. And that’s what you need to tone and define the legs. Sprint interval training is an amazing fat burner. It will blast fat around the calves and thighs. Sprint interval training also keeps the legs strong, allowing you to take any challenge with ease.

Lean Body

If you want to bring your overall body fat down, we highly recommend adding sprint interval training to your fitness repertoire! Sprint interval training trains the body to burn off more fat. This way, you will progressively lose weight and body fat. Even better, as you blast away stored fat, your metabolic rate increases too. The result is a lean, defined physique!

Boosts Fat Burning

How can sprint interval training boost the metabolic rate? This workout improves the body’s ability to mobilize and burn off fat. Sprint interval training also improves the body’s adaptability to fat burning. Sprint interval training’s effects are enhanced when paired with a low-carbohydrates diet.

Speeds Up the Metabolic Rate

A slow metabolic rate can be caused by a thyroid condition, poor diet or a sedentary lifestyle. Sprint interval training helps speed up the metabolic rate. It also prevents insulin insensitivity and diabetes. Studies show that sprint interval training helps re-balance the body’s hormones for efficient metabolic rate. It also protects from inflammation caused by complications of diabetes.

Builds Strength and Endurance

Sprint interval training affects the body in many ways. It keeps the heart strong, the lungs engaged and the blood pumping in your veins. And all these helps build a stronger body. Even better, the intensity of sprint interval training builds stamina and endurance. Any type of explosive interval training will boost a body’s endurance, speed and agility. Engaging the leg muscles paired with better lung capacity helps you conquer intense workout with ease.

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