Following God's Path: Linda's Journey on the Hallelujah Diet


They say that God has a plan for everyone. For Hallelujah Acres health minister Linda Webb, that means a trying but triumphant one. From a history of convulsing seizures to a healthy life fueled by plant-based eating and exercising, she's followed the Lord's path for her life,one step at a time.

Linda's story
It all began when Linda was young girl. She was having severe seizures that drove her parents seek help from doctors, who immediately put her on medication. Taking the drugs made the occurrence of seizures seldom, but as Linda grew older, she became less comfortable relying heavily on the medication. She continued to use the prescription for assistance up until 1978, when a doctor suggested a new solution – making a change in her diet.

"A doctor told me to stop eating meat," she said. "As Christians, we shouldn't eat meat to begin with, so I was encouraged to give it up."

While the seizures certainly let up even more after transitioning off meat, Linda still had to take medication. It was 15 years later, when she saw Rev. Malkmus on her television set,  that she realized she didn't need to continue relying on the drugs. She just needed to make smarter food choices that would fuel her body back to health.

"In 1993, my roommates and I saw Rev. Malkmus on TV," she said. "That's when we started juicing. At the same time, God convinced me to make another diet change, by removing dairy, eggs and sugary desserts from my diet."

At this time, Linda noticed her body changing at a rapid pace. Not only were her seizures on a path to becoming non-existent, but the rest of her body seemed to strengthen with the diet transition as well.

"At one point I twisted and fractured my hip," she said. "But when I started juicing, God strengthened me! My body started healing fast!"

Linda is happy to report that, with God's guidance and the push from Rev. Malkmus to make healthier lifestyle choices, she hasn't had a seizure since 1999.

Leading others to the path of better health
Feeling encouraged to help others thrive the way the she did with God's motivation, Linda and her roommates decided to leave Texas in 2000 and move to New Hampshire to become Health Ministers for Hallelujah Acres.

"When you share your testimony with someone, they get excited," Linda shared. "As health ministers, we've been able to share our journey with more and more people and help them lead healthier lives."

But in 2013, Linda's journey took another unexpected turn. She was in a bad car accident and the vehicle was totaled. However, with the strength and encouragement of God, Linda stepped out of the accident, healthy with compassion and the push to keep moving.

"It's been a long process, but every time something has happened in my life, God has encouraged me to take one step at a time and keep going," she said.

Even though God's plan may be different than Linda pictured, she's thankful for the opportunity to spread the word as a health minister and has no plans of stopping any time soon. The strength she's been given to preach the good word and maintain a vigorous lifestyle has even helped her continue to clean condos and cabins at the healthy age of 70.

"It's been a wonderful experience, I just can't explain it," she said. "We knew God had a purpose for our lives and we're thankful for the Hallelujah Acres ministry. May the Lord bless them!"

Everyone follows a different path
If one thing's for sure, it's that God has a different plan for everyone. He may lead you down an unexpected path, but it's your job to trust in the decisions he's making and stay encouraged as the days go on. Linda trusted God to help her find her way, and you can make the same decision.

"Each person is different," she said. "Everyone has the chance to make the decision to follow God and his plan. If you follow his plan, he will give you victory."

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